Residential Real Estate Photography

Traditional photography capturing up to 35 HDR images is provided. The images are professionally

edited and color corrected. The images will be sized for inclusion in, and a high resolution set of the same will be provided.



Aerial Photography 

$10/HDR images. A ten image minimum is required.



Aerial Videography 

up to 1 minute of deliverable HD video highlighting the property 




Aerial and traditional photography



Traditional photography, aerial photography, and videography



Matterport 3d and VR Imaging

Scans are made of the property using the only specialized,  state of the art camera commercially available which produces an interactive

3d environment. This environment allows the client to “walk thru” the property and view any portion of the property from different angles.

The presentation is available via the web so the client can view the property in your office or on their own computers.


A new feature has recently been added which allows the client to explore the property using VR goggles providing a more immersive experience.

VR viewing does require VR goggles, but we provide the presentation capability at no additional cost. 


Dollhouse & 3d floor plans

 Pricing quoted  below is for properties with square footage up to 3,000 sq ft

Square footage in excess of 3,000 will be charged at the rate of $.10/square foot.  Pricing will be quoted in advance.



360 degree views for external views of property and will be included in the presentation



2d black and white floor plans 



Realtor supplied comments highlighting various aspects of the property can be added to the interactive portion of the presentation



Highlight Reel



3d Package:  

All items listed under Dollhouse  $475


All Inclusive Packaging

Traditional HDR photography, aerial photography, and Matterport photography



Aerial Mapping/Hi Resolution images:

reconnaissance, programming flight, flight time,and delivery of processed high resolution image